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Evergreen History

In 1928, Gus Van Glabeke bought Teddy Van Aiken’s house at 14th Street and opened a tavern – Gus’s Evergreen Tavern.  Since this was still during the era of Prohibition, it took some guts to open a tavern, especially near town. By 1948, Gus had enough of the tavern business and he sold out to Ray Triest.  And so it became known as Ray’s Evergreen Tavern.  Drawing many patrons from the nearby “Belgium Town” – mostly employees of the Moline Malleable company – along Dean Street, Ray’s soon expanded into pigeon racing and a sport known to many Belgians, called Rolle Bolle.  In the late 80’s, Bernie Deutsch and his wife Patty purchased Ray’s and kept things pretty much the way they were for another 20 years.

Then in 2008, Ray’s was sold again, and this time the Rolle Bolle courts were replaced with an outdoor patio area and more parking.  And after another ownership change, “Ray’s” was retired from the name, and the bar is now known as The Evergreen Pub & Grill.  Stepping into Evergreen today, you won’t be there long before you agree with something Bernie Deutsch once said: “If these old walls could talk… I tell you, there’d be some stories.”

And if you listen hard enough while you’re sitting at the bar, you’ll hear those stories.

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